Sample power of attorney letter

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Power of attorney

What is a sample power of attorney letter?

The term power of attorney is often misunderstood. It is, in the western legal system, deposition which gives the authority to another person to make decisions about their personal issues or in some cases their professional and business issues. There are a few different terms which are used to describe the different people involved in the legal relationship which is created from the document. The person that makes the power of attorney is called the principal of the power. There are some other terms which are sometimes used to describe this person such as the grantor. Another term is the donor of the power of attorney. The person that is being granted the power is the donee or the grantor of the power.

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What are the different types of powers of attorney?

There are a few different types of powers of attorney. It could be restricted to an element of an action that the person giving the power of attorney intend to restrict their giving of the power to. Sometimes, there is a temporal scope for the power of attorney which is determined by the grantor at the time of the drafting of document.

What is a Durable power of attorney?

A durable power of attorney is different from an ordinary power of attorney because a normal power of attorney will become invalid if the person that gave it in the first place becomes unable to the exercise the necessary mental functions for it to be said that they have the legal capacity to be the principal of the power of attorney.

A durable power of attorney contains a clause which means that it will withstand the loss of mental capacity of the giver of the power. This means that the person exercising the power of attorney can continue to exercise the power until the person that gave the power dies.

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There are a few states in the United States which have a different terminology for a durable power of attorney. In those states it is called a living will. A document of this type gives the power to make health related decisions to the person that receives the power of attorney.

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