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We have divorce papers available for immediate download and have provided information below concerning frequently asked questions about divorce.

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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

The most basic definition of divorce is when the one party or both parties to a marriage apply to a court for dissolution of the marriage. In many cases, the parties will not be able to agree on how to determine issues such as the division of property, the custody of children and the payment of spousal maintenance. In such cases, the technical term for the application is that it is a contested divorce. However, if the couple agree on the fundamental issues in a divorce, it is termed an uncontested divorce.

This can be a good thing for a number of reasons. There can be enormous legal cost savings to the couple’s estate if there is no need to go through an elongated trial process. Also the, dispute can be finalised much more quickly and with a minimum of emotional turmoil if an uncontested divorce can be negotiated. Another reason that it can be preferrable is that in the case of a divorce involving a large of amount of time and resources devoted to legal representation, the parties can lose their sense of control of the proceedings whereas a process which is largely unassisted by lawyers means that the parties maintain most of the control of their legal matter resulting in a more satisfactory outcome akin to the parties needs and desires. If children are involved in the marriage avoiding protracted litigation can also be an advantage because it is more likely that the divorcing parties will be able to maintain a relationship on a civil level. This prevents the children of the relationship being exposed to the parents in constant conflict which can be damaging to a child’s psychological development.

We have divorce papers available for immediate download and have provided information below concerning frequently asked questions about divorce.

Do I need a lawyer?

It is not actually necessary to obtain the services of an attorney to conduct the filing of your divorce. However, it is certainly advised that you do obtain their services, even if only in a limited role involving the review of agreement you have come to with your spouse. Also, if there are any elements of the agreement that you disagree about, you will need the services of a lawyer to assist with representation and negotiations with your spouse. Also, because every divorce matter is unique and the state laws can vary from state to state, it may be necessary to have an attorney specialised in this area to advise in relation to the complexity of the local laws in your area.

What does Uncontested Divorce mean?

Uncontested Divorce means your former partner and you have reached an agreement on the terms of your petition For divorce or it may mean that your former partner will not answer your petition For divorce before your court date.

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