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Military personnel have specific requirements in relation to the essential documents which are needed to adequately secure and protect their estate and the rights of their spouse and children as well as their assets. We have form and document packages available to assist military personnel with the planning process and the administration of life’s major events. The document packages include a special military power of attorney, advance health directive, and all of the normal life planning documents that people in civilian life need.

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The U.S. military is the world’s second largest, after China’s People’s Liberation Army, and has troops deployed around the globe. From the U.S.’s establishment to September 2012, 40 million Americans have served in the United States Armed Forces.

In early 2007, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates proposed to the President to increase the overall size of the Army and Marine Corps to meet the needs of the War on Terrorism. Current plans are to increase the Army to 547,400 and the Marine Corps to 202,000 by 2012. The expansion will cost a total of $90.7 billion between 2009 and 2013 as the Navy and Air Force undergo a limited force reduction. In addition, in 2009, Gates proposed increasing the size of the Army by 22,000 troops in order to reduce fatigue from multiple trips overseas, and to compensate for troops who are in recovery away from their units. The Fiscal Year 2011 Department of Defense budget request plan calls for an active military end strength of 1,406,000, an increase of 77,500 from the 2007 baseline as a result of increments in the Army (65,000 more troops) and Marine Corps (27,100 more troops) strength and decrements in the Navy (13,300 fewer troops) and Air Force (1,300 fewer troops) strength.

As in most militaries, members of the U.S. military hold a rank, either that of officer, warrant, or enlisted, to determine seniority and eligibility for promotion. Those who have served are known as veterans. Rank names may be different between services, but they are matched to each other by their corresponding paygrade. Officers who hold the same rank or paygrade are distinguished by their date of rank to determine seniority. Officers who serve in certain positions of office of importance set by law, outrank all other officers in active duty of the same rank and paygrade, regardless of their date of rank.

The failure of the educational systems in the U.S. may force the armed forces to seek math and science qualified recruits elsewhere, such as through accelerated citizenship for foreign nationals. Currently, only one in four Americans of the proper age meet the moral, academic and physical standards for military service.

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