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To summarize the legal system’s operation we’ve got the next information available. The capital is Atlanta. Executive power in the state rests with the governor, now Nathan Deal (Republican). (See List of Governors). Unlike the government, but like many other U.S. States, most of the executive officials who comprise the governor’s cabinet are elected by the citizens of Georgia rather than made by the governor.

Legislative power resides in the Senate, composed of House of Representatives and the General Assembly. The Lieutenant Governor presides over the Senate, while the House of Representatives selects their own Speaker. The Georgia Constitution mandates a maximum of 56 senators, elected from single-member districts, and minimum apportioned among representative districts (which sometimes results in over one representative per district); there are now 180 representatives and 56 senators. The term of office for representatives and senators is two years.

State judicial power rests with the state Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Moreover, there are smaller courts and Probate Courts. Justices are elected statewide by the citizens to six-year terms. Judges are elected by the state’s citizens who live within that court’s power to four-year intervals.

Alabama Commercial Lease

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