Washington State Legal Requirements For Divorce

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If you are an American citizen living in the state of Washington and you are thinking of the possible ways to file a divorce to the court, then the following serves as your guidelines towards a successful and hassle-free filing of your marital or marriage dissolution.

When can you get a Divorce?

In the state of Washington, divorce is otherwise known as “dissolution of marriage” and this also applies to couples of same sex. The state court will grant any divorce application once the following are met:
• You are a married person through common law marriage or legal marriage in another country or state (Washington doesn’t have common law marriage)
• You and your partner are both residents of the state of Washington
• Any of the two of you that the marriage is already broken and can never be retrieved anymore (relationship is unfixable)
• You file the right documents and serve the Petition and Summons for the marriage divorce the proper way
• At least ninety days should have passed from the time of the dissolution petition has already been filed and served
What if Your Partner Disagrees with the Divorce?
If all of the above-mentioned requirements are met then the Washington court will grant your marriage dissolution whether or not your partner agrees. However, your partner will have the right to argue on the following issues:
• Spouse maintenance or alimony
• Visitation and Custody or parenting plan for your children
• Child Support
If any of these issues have been raised for an argument then this will definitely take long for your dissolution to get its verdict.

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Child Support

One of the most important things which are usually tackled in a marriage divorce or dissolution in the state of Washington is the child support. The court of Washington actually has the jurisdiction to make decisions pertaining to your case. If your partner no longer lives within the state now or if he/she has lived here during the marriage and has been served personally, the state court will absolutely have the jurisdiction on some of your financial matters.

The court of Washington does not have the power or the jurisdiction over properties owned by any of the parties that are in other state or country. Now if your child has lived in the state for at least six months and there was not any custody order which was filed in another country or state, the court will then have the templates of jurisdiction to rule your child support issue.

Now if your case involves a lot of complications and complexities especially when it comes to child custody and child support issues prior to your divorce then it is but proper to talk to your personal lawyer and he will be able to guide you about the right and proper ways of filing divorce documents and templates for a successful and effective marriage dissolution.
Now if you and your partner have children and cannot afford to hire the service of a lawyer then you can ask for a Guardian Ad Litem or GAL from the state court so that someone will handle the legal investigation and reporting to the court about the interests of your children.

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