Legal Documents for Creating a Power of Attorney in Arizona

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Why is it Important?

Think of it as a way of securing the protection of your properties when you are already incapable of doing so. Applying for a legitimate power of attorney becomes essential when you are away or unable to perform the task by yourself. It should be taken seriously and if any guidance is needed, only seek it from experts. It’s important that you, as grantor, carefully choose to whom are you going to give the authority. The power of attorney is delivered to act on personal and professional deals on your behalf, especially when the time comes when you are unable or incapable to act on them. It’s more than about trusting person. It’s about making sure that your properties will be in good hands.

Applying for a power of attorney requires you to attend numerous court proceedings, mind numbing waiting games, and paying specific fees. The court will determine the validity and constitutionality of your reasons of applying for a power of attorney. In addition, the court will also study the powers and limitations you have given to your agent or attorney that are stated in your application. If the court does not find anything wrong in your application, your power of attorney will be approved.

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What Documents are Needed?

In applying for an Arizona Power of Attorney, the first thing you will need to consider is your age. The minimum age requirement for applying for a power of attorney anywhere in the world is 18-years old. Upon arriving at the court where you will apply, make sure to bring in the documents needed such as your certified copy of birth certificate. Then, the real works begin. You will have to fill in certain application forms that the staff at the court will provide. Your application will be processed upon submission of these forms together with other documents that the court might require. In some cases, the court will require you to submit your latest financial statement as a proof that you have the capability to financially support your agent or attorney. In addition to this, the court might even require you to submit certain documents that will validate the credibility of your chosen agent or attorney. Although it is the responsibility of the applicant to verify the credibility of your chosen agent or attorney, it is the responsibility of the court too, to verify and make sure that your rights as the grantor is respected and that no abuse can be done by the agent or attorney.

There are other documents and requirements in creating the power of attorney. In fact, the court might even require certain details such as the list of your latest transactions and purchases to prove your financial capability, especially if the court doubts your capability. Although there is no bond to be paid for creating and applying an Arizona Power of Attorney, it’s best for you and your chosen agent or attorney to study the possibilities and understand the risk that comes when the power of attorney is approved. Although the power of attorney is made to be revocable, it can be extremely dangerous to put the future of your businesses or properties to someone who cannot be fully trusted. That is why the court is there to study and verify the validity of your application and all verifications will depend on the documents that you will be submitting.

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