Donald Trump Being Sued By State Of New York For Bogus University

Donald Trump’s ‘Trump Education Institute’ has been sued by the State of New York.  It has received over $40,000,000 in tuition fees having been advertised on the promise that Donald Trump himself of teachers that had been personally selected by him would teach the course and give students an insight in the real estate investment strategies which have allegedly made Trump rich.

The essence of the complaint is that the institute was operating as an educational institution which did not have a licence.  However, it appears that the real reason that the venture has attracted the attention of the New York Attorney General is that there has been a raft of complaints lodged with the AG’s office saying that students of the course have not learnt anything valuable about how to invest in real estate and have therefore been duped out of an expensive training fee for a course which does not meet its advertised promises and provides nothing of any recognisable value in terms of training or information to students.

The program has some clearly worry elements.  It promises to put you in personal contact with Trump when many only receive a photo with a life sized mock up of him.  The manual encourages the instructors to prevent the students from believing that they can be successful after just three days of seminars and sets students up to increase their credit limit so that they can pay for an ‘apprenticeship’ with my Trump where you expend at least $10,000.00 for Mr Trump to personally guide you to your first deal.  A few law suits have been filed previously by consumers making similar allegations to those made in the present litigation.

Trump’s answer to the allegations is that the lawsuit is politically motivated because the Attorney General of New York is a Democrat and it is widely known that he is a Republican with possible Presidential ambitions.  The Attorney for Mr Trump went so far as to allege that the lawsuit was simply an attempt by the Attorney General to extort campaign donations from Trump who is thought to be a billionaire even though it has never been completely clear how much debt Mr Trump carries on his billions in assets.

It is possible to file a complaint about the institution here.

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