Arizona Legal Requirements For A Divorce

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If you are from the state of Arizona and that you are planning to file for a legal divorce then it is important to meet all the residency requirements first so that the court will accept your application for marriage dissolution. Now if the court of Arizona has discovered that it doesn’t have any jurisdictional rights especially when it comes to hearing your case then it is more likely to see the court to be eventually disregarding or dismissing your case.

The Important Requirements

Before you get into the act of filing a divorce case in the court, there are few important templates or documents that you need to come up with first. Firstly, you need to make sure that any of the party involved should be domiciled within the state of Arizona at the moment the action was started. See to it that your partner has been here in the state for a period of ninety days in relation to the filing of the marriage dissolution.

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The Legal Grounds for Filing Marriage Dissolution

The Petition for Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage should have the appropriate grounds in consonance to the state of Arizona. The legal or lawful ground should exude parties that are agreeable and should substantiate or that the filing party or spouse would want to prove to the state court. The following are the grounds for marriage dissolution in the state of Arizona:

• When the marriage between two persons has become irretrievably broken
• If the marriage known as a covenant marriage
• The filing spouse’s partner has committed adultery
• The filing spouse has committed felony or has been given death sentence by the state, federal, municipal or county correctional facility
• The partner of the filing spouse has abandoned his/her matrimonial domicile for a period of one year or more
• When the spouse has physically or sexually abused the partner who is seeking for a legal divorce
• When the spouses are living apart for a period of two years or more before the other has filed a divorce
• When the spouses have been living apart or separately for at least one year without the act of reconciliation from the time the legal separation decree was entered
• When both parties agree on the dissolution of marriage

Legal Documents

What are the important documents which are primarily needed in filing marriage dissolution or divorce? There are actually of them and they are:

• Decree of Dissolution
• Petition for Dissolution

Both of which are very important before, during and right before the case is settled or completed. During the filing process, the law of the state of Arizona requires some 10 to 20 documents to be submitted and some of them include:

• Notice of Hearing
• Request of Hearing
• Affidavit Regarding Minor Children
• Credit Notification Form
• Acceptance & Waiver of Service
• Marital Settlement Agreement
• Preliminary Injunction, etc.

For more detailed information about the legality and requirements needed in the filing of divorce in the state of Arizona, it is best to talk to your lawyer in the first place to guide you along the way and to achieve hassle-free filing of your marriage dissolution.

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