Renting out your property in Missouri using a lease agreement? Your guide is here

The state of Missouri offers endless opportunities to its residents for growth and prosperity. The list of self made men, of the people achieved great success in this state is virtually endless, and Missouri has always been a great place to grow up and raise a family. Homeowners living in the state of Missouri have the option of renting out their property to someone in exchange of money. This is all about giving your home on a lease to a tenant, and the state of Missouri has certain laws in place to ensure the landlord and their tenants have a peaceful time while they are in business together.

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1. Often, conflicts arise between a landlord and his tenant regarding rent payments and the terms of the lease. It is best to make the rent agreement as extensive as possible and ensure that every major fact about your property is included in this agreement. The more details you include in the agreement, the harder it becomes for the tenant to demand a service which you are not obliged to provide. It also makes it easier for you to evict them if they breach their agreement with you.

2. There are some responsibilities that you as a landlord will have to take care of. The house you give on lease to your tenant must follow housing and safety codes, and the house must be in livable condition. It should be hygienic, clean and not requiring extensive repair. If you agree to regular repair of the home, then you should get the clause related to this service included in the rental agreement to make sure there is no confusion with the tenant later.

3. The landlord is not allowed to refuse to lease the place to a tenant for any reason that is not legal. Gender, race, religion and ethnicity are not plausible grounds for denying a lease to anyone. You are also forbidden from quoting a higher price to someone for the lease in the hope that they will look for another property.

4. Understand the difference between a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, and one that partakes currently. You can turn down someone who is facing drug or alcohol abuse problems, but someone who is sober and has been attending recovery meetings cannot be turned down on the basis of their disability. You have no legal right to ask a prospective tenant for their medical history.

5. If you have a large home, or multi-story apartment, then you must make sure that the same level of service is available to all tenants.

6. In Missouri, landlords are authorized to double the rent of their property if the tenant lets another person take over the property without their due consent.

7. Always make sure that any deficiency in your property is listed out in the rental agreement. This will help you get paid for any damages caused to your home by the tenant without leaving them with the excuse of claiming that the problem existed when they moved in.

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