Leasing guide for Wisconsin for landlords and tenants

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Wisconsin state has clearly defined the rules for landlords to govern how they must behave with their tenants. These rules protect the landlord from possible lawsuits that the tenant might bring against them, as well as to safeguard them from monetary losses incurred due to any unforeseen damage to the rental unit. There are several clauses which the landlords must follow while renting their property in Wisconsin.
• It is not necessary to have the lease agreed to be in written, but if a rent agreement is in writing, it is the duty of the landlord to let the tenant read it before signing it and after the signature, one copy of this agreement must be given to the tenant.
• An application charge can be collected, but must be refunded if the application is rejected for any reason other than the reasons that are cited in the application form as possible grounds for denial such as:

Any violation in the housing code they know about and not yet been rectified. Informations about serious plumbing and electrical issues, Information about the structural defects in the property. If the property does not have hot and cold running water, and whether the tenant is required to pay the utilities or not.

• If the property does not include individual meters, you must specify in advance how the utility bills will be divided among different tenants.
• The landlord is allowed to charge a maximum of $20 from the prospective tenant in order to run a credit check and verify that they have sufficient money to pay the rent on time. For the protection of their security money, the tenants must make a written list of the already prevailing defects and damages.
• At the start of the renting tenure, the landlord should provide the tenants with the names and the addresses of the following person:
The person who will be collecting the rent.
The person who will manage and maintain the property.
The person where the tenant may deliver any legal papers necessary for the rental agreement.

• It is the responsibility of the landlord to make all necessary repairs to obey the housing codes. It is the right of the landlord to inspect the premises at any time. For entering the premises the landlord must give 12 hours advance notice in advance.
• If the tenants rent on a monthly basis and there is no written lease agreement, then the landlord has the authority to end the rent agreement, but provide written termination notice at least 28 days in advance to the next rent due date.
• The landlord has the authority to increase the amount of the rent money after the completion of the lease period.
• The landlord can evict any tenant who are unable to pay the rent or pay only the part of their agreed sum of rent money. They can also evict the tenant who do not obey the terms and conditions of the lease or cause damage to the rental property.

Alabama Commercial Lease

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