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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts offers incredible opportunities to anyone who wishes to make a life for themselves while living in this great state. Homeowners in the state of Masachusetts are legally free to rent any residential property they own, as long as they adhere to the laws and guidelines set forward by the state. If you are in possession of a home that you would like to lease out, then there are a number of things that you must make certain to ensure that you and your tenant have a cordial relation.

1. Any utilities that the house offers to the tenant need to be listed out in the rental agreement. The agreement should always specify whether the rent also includes the charges of home utilities or not. In case the tenant is expected to pay for utilities on their own, then it is your responsibility to inform them the kind of power source they run on.

2. It is advised that when you lease your home to someone, you and this prospective tenant carefully check every plumbing, light fixture, and additional service that the house contains. This includes doors and any appliances that you are providing as well. This is to ascertain that everything in the home is in working order.

3. If you are required to make any repair in the property, then this should always be included in the rental agreement with the tenant. A timeframe must also be specified within which you agree to make said repairs.

4. Major appliances like a stove, washing machine, etc. that you are providing to your tenant should also be mentioned in the rental agreement to avoid any future conflicts.

5. Parking details, fees, etc. should also be mentioned in the agreement.

6. If you have any special stipulations for the tenant while he is living in your property, then you must discuss it with them in advance and include them in your agreement with them. Rules like no pets, any specific timings for arrival, and the number of house guests that the tenant can invite over must be pre-agreed upon and clearly mentioned in the rental agreement

7. The time duration for which you lease the property should also be included in the rental agreement. Usually a period of one year is a standard practice, but this can be changed if both parties agree to it. The rent cannot be increased during this period, and the landlord is not allowed to evict the tenant unless he violates any clause of the rent agreement.

8. You are allowed to set up rules for your tenant, and they must adhere to them. You are not, however, allowed to create rules that prevent the tenant from compelling you to adhere to your duties as a landlord.

9. You are legally allowed to collect payment from your tenant for damage done to your home that exceeds the definition of your regular wear and tear. This holds true whether the tenant caused this damage, or one of their guests did.

Alabama Commercial Lease

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