The Transformative power of Venture Capitalism in the Information Technology Sector

Venture Capitalists are in the business of investing in new ideas. The current landscape of venture capitalism is dominated by software and biotechnology startups. Some of the examples of the most recent ideas to attract the favour of the global venture capital industry. We have looked at some of the more interesting ones which we think have a chance of becoming the next big thing. A new company named Anaplan is from San Francisco and assists companies to model and plan cloud based finance. The startup has received $11.4 million in startup funding from Granite Ventures and Shasta Ventures.

Another recent startup is called BetableBetable which received $3 million to facilitate the incorporation of fully licensed betting mechanisms into online social games. Another interesting idea which has attracted substantial funding is called Crittercism. It received $5.5 million to continue the development of a mobile app performance-management solution. The app is designed to be used for monitoring errors and crashes on phones and tablets. THe funding suppliers were Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures and Google Ventures. Another startup which has received significant funding is ct_logo_RGBCrowdtilt that got $2.1 million recently. It is based in San Francisco-based and allows groups to easily pool funds online for objectives, from vacation rentals or gifts to school programs. It has recently begun offering tax-deductible donations for non-profits and launched an API to allow third parties to utilize its group payment capabilities.

Diffbot received $2 million. From Palo alto, this startup is a visual learning robot technology that can analyze websites much like a human would. The company’s APIs enable developers to build apps that understand the various elements of a web page and extract specific elements such as text or images. Dwolla has been given $5 million. It is an Iowa-based free web-based software platform that allows users to send, receive and request funds from any other user. The company uses new technologies to help lower costs and protect against fraud, enabling it to set a maximum transaction cost of 25 cents. Also, Kidaptive received ~$1million. It is another one out of Palo Alto that creates interactive educational iPad experiences aimed at children.

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