Illinois Divorce Laws and Requirements

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When it comes to divorce or marriage dissolution in the state of Illinois, there are few
important and legal things you ought to know first before filing. Here are some of them:

Residency & Filing Requirements

If you want to file marriage dissolution in the state of Illinois, there is a need for you to meet all the necessary residency requirements before your case gets accepted by the court. Now if the court finds out that it has no jurisdiction in your particular case then your filing for marriage dissolution would not be accepted, thus dismissing it in the process. Any of the spouses should have stayed within the state for at least ninety days prior to the filing of the marriage dissolution. Generally, the proceedings are held in the place where the defendant or plaintiff resides.

Illinois Grounds for Filing Marriage Dissolution or Divorce

The following Illinois grounds should be declared upon which the divorce or marriage dissolution is being sought. The legal and appropriate grounds should be agreeable to both parties and is willing to be proven by the filing spouse to the courts. The following are the possible grounds which are acceptable in the courts of Illinois.

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Here are the no-fault grounds for marriage dissolution or divorce:

• The spouses have been living separately or apart for more than two years
• Irreconcilable differences have caused the unfixable breakdown


On the other hand, the following are the grounds at fault for a divorce or marriage dissolution in the state of Illinois:

• Naturally impotent
• The respondent lives with a wife or a husband during the time of the marriage
• The respondent committed adultery
• The spouse has deserted or absented himself/herself to his/her partner for a period of one year including the time which has pended the legal separation’s or marriage dissolution’s litigation
• The respondent has pleaded guilty for his habitual drunkenness or alcoholism for a period of two years
• The respondent has pleaded guilty of confirmed and gross habits due to excessive use of illegal drugs for a period of two years
• The respondent has pleaded guilty of repeated mental or physical cruelty
• The respondent has been convicted of infamous crimes including felony
• The respondent has contaminated or infected his/her partner with STD or sexually transmitted disease

Required Documents

The following are some of the most important documents which are highly required by the courts of Illinois when it comes to people in the state who are filing marriage dissolution or divorce. These important documents include the following:
• Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
• Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage
• Verification Statement
• Waiver
• Waiver of Two Year Statutory Period of Separation
• Entry of Appearance
• Financial Disclosure Statement
• Consent, etc.

The law of the courts of Illinois may prove to be different from the laws imposed in other states. In this regard, it is highly advised that one should seek further assistance and advice from a certified lawyer in the state in order to come up with an effective and hassle-free filing of divorce or marriage dissolution.

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