Get a Divorce Smoothly by Hiring the Right Divorce Lawyer

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Choosing the right divorce lawyer forms the most important step, when you wish to get a divorce. A divorce lawyer is the person who would be helping you make proper decisions related to your divorce. The attorney may work with you right from the beginning of divorce proceedings till the end, or for a limited time.

Any lawyer cannot be a good divorce lawyer, so never go for hiring a lawyer who assisted you in negotiating your office lease or one who helped you to make your will. To get the desired results, go for hiring only a skilled divorce lawyer who has vast experience as a divorce lawyer.



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The Divorce Lawyer you hire should be Highly Skilled

Here are some suggestions to help you choose the right divorce lawyer:

• Hire a lawyer who has a vast experience in family law.

In many states, attorneys are “board-certified” in family law. These lawyers have expertise in family law issues and divorce cases. Such lawyers are certified only after they gain a good trial experience and qualify a rigorous test. For maintaining the certification, they need to receive education on family law every year. These lawyers are also acquainted with the family laws of specific regions.

For example, a board-certified lawyer knows about Phuket law on family issues, if you are resident of that region. So, such lawyers have far more knowledge and experience about family law than the ones who are non-board certified. Though such attorneys charge more as compared to those who are not board-certified, but they are usually more experienced and skilled to handle such cases.

• Hire an attorney who communicates clearly with you, preferably in English, rather than in legalese.

• You should feel comfortable with the attorney and trust him or her well, since you may need to discuss highly personal matters with the attorney, related to your marriage and yourself.

• In case you have small children, the attorney should advice you to think properly about the needs of your children. He or she should discuss the laws related to child custody with you properly.

• Your lawyer should not charge you an unreasonable amount of fees. See to it that the lawyer you hire is affordable.

Required Experience and Skills:

You should always select a lawyer who is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to fetch the desired results. See to it that the lawyer you hire has the following skills:

• Divorce cases usually need a lot of negotiation. So, the attorney should be a problem solver, should interact well with people, should be skillful when compromises are needed and should be very comfortable in the court. Although your spouse and you may not intend to go to the court, but the attorney’s court experience may be extremely useful when he negotiates a settlement with the attorney of your spouse.

• In case you know that you would need to undergo a divorce trial, it is always better to hire a lawyer having significant courtroom experience.

• It would be helpful if the lawyer you hire knows your jurisdiction’s family law judges. Being familiar with the judge who would be hearing your case, and his or her courtroom style, would help the lawyer to prepare better strategies.


Going thorough a divorce is a stressful phase of anyone’s life. Divorce has a great impact on several aspects of your life. Hiring a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer would help you to get the desired results.

Author Bio: Alisa Martin loves to write articles on various fields of law. She writes about the laws of different countries and places like Phuket law. Her articles are highly informative and useful for the readers.

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