Divorce Law Requirements in Colorado

Applying for a divorce can prove to be a very taxing procedure for couples. This process becomes even more complex and depressing if you don’t know the laws that govern it. The following are some of the laws that have to be abided by in order for getting a divorce in Colorado.

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• You or your partner must have remained a resident of Colorado for at least a period of three months before you are able to file for dissolution of marriage.
• You cannot file for a petition of divorce unless there is no way of retrieving the marriage.
• Legal separation is an option that can be availed if one of the spouses requests for a separation instead of a divorce.
• The request of a separation however will only be entertained after a separation agreement has been put in place.
• The separation agreement must contain provisions for distribution of property, parenting responsibilities and maintenance of either of the two spouses.
• The court holds the power to appoint a lawyer for the child of the couple filing for a divorce who will represent the child and safeguard his rights upon the request of the parents or the child himself.
• Counseling is another of the requirements that might have to be fulfilled by the divorce seeking couple wherein they will be informed about the negative effects that a divorce or separation may have on the psyche of the child.
• The counseling requirement, however, is only sought if the child of the couple is a minor and is less than eighteen years of age at the time.
• Colorado law states that the property of the divorcing couple is to be distributed equally among them if they are unable to agree on a settlement amongst themselves.
• The decision about the division of the property between the couple ending their marriage is based on the economic level of the spouses, the contribution that they had in the buying of the property and any decrease or increase in the assets of either spouse that were used for any reason during the time the couple was married.
• Any property that is in the possession of either of the spouses that he/she inherited or purchased after the separation is not going to be included in the property that has to be divided.
• The custody of the child is going to be awarded only to that parent who the court sees fit.
• The decision regarding the child’s custody will be made after listening to the child’s wishes if he is of a mature age and will give due weightage to the capability of the parent to take care of the child.
All of these laws are hard to remember, and a person seeking a divorce will have to hire an attorney to get the divorce finalized quickly so he will be able to prepare the required documents for you by using the templates that he has available to him. So, if you really want to get a divorce in Colorado, then hiring a good attorney is crucial for you.

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