Employment Law and the Associated Contracts in Massachusetts

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People work to earn money and to sustain a good life. They try best at their end to give the best input in the job, but on the other hand, the company they work for has some of the things that they need to take care of before they hire someone in the company.

It is a hard decision for every business or an individual to employ someone at work because it involves a lot of thought procedure as well as legal procedure. Employers understand the rights and obligations that the employment requires. An attorney can advise you about the best under the terms and conditions of the employment, approved by the state and the government. Each state has its own condition people have to follow in all the states, which is why Massachusetts has set its own particular employment law for the people.

Employment Agreement

The employment law for the people living in Massachusetts sets an employment agreement that has outlined the responsibilities of the position, compensation and all the other benefits offered by the company you are about to join. It is there to define the rights and responsibilities of the person in order to understand the company, and to understand what it requires from the employed person. Employment lawyers are able to draft the agreements based on the company in which they can be sure that the employment agreement complies with all the aspects of rules and regulations as of the state of Massachusetts.

Mostly, companies work based on contracts, which is why it is important to consider employment contracts. It may be a written contract or a verbal contract (which depends on the company), but both are allowed by the state. Ideally, it is in writing so that the hiring party understands all the rights and the obligations required by the employee.

Oral contracts are usually for a year and the contract meant for more than a year must be in a written employment contract. When the individual does not write an employment agreement that serves as an “at-will employment,” it means that the employee can leave the job anytime he/she wants by giving a prior notice of two weeks. It also includes the termination of the employee without any lawful reason. However, “at-will employees” do have the rights and protection by the federal state of law.

Independent Contractor Agreement

The state also offers the Independent contractor agreement, which deals with hiring someone for a specific period for a specific task to complete. The independent contractor agreement talks about a situation in which the employee is not a direct part of the company but stays as separate entities.

Usually, attorneys are experienced in drafting the agreements of independent contractor agreements for the companies for both the employers and the employee in order to keep it under the law of Massachusetts. Tax and the other liabilities are also part of the agreement, so that both parties are satisfied with each other under the federal law of the state. It is necessary that everything is under the wing of the law because then no one is able to accuse the other for any damage under the status of employment.

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