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We are ultimately an organisation that believes that the Internet and technology in general can power individuals and communities through easier access to the law, legal information, legal documents, legal advice, legal forms and legal representation. The principle by which we operate is that improving access to legal information strengthens and empowers the community as a whole. For this reason, we commenced building a database of legal documents legal forms, legal information, contacts for lawyers and legal representatives and databases statutes, decisions by courts, extrinsic legal materials which can assist in the interpretation of the law and a series of other materials do we think can help the community by providing greater democratization and access to legal services.
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There are a variety the situations where people commonly need legal help. Sometimes you might need a legal document template which records a relationship that can be enforced at a later point. The document might refer to a process, an agreement, an obligation or a right. Some examples of the common legal documents that people come to us looking for are samples of wills, commercial contracts, court forms, notarial acts and legal forms to assist in creating deeds. Although a large number of practicing attorneys use our site we also find that the general public often browse our materials and we encourage everybody to look and stay in research as much as they want about the law here.

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  • Washington State Tenants-Landlord Laws

    In every state or country in the world, the human right is as important as the human life. Every human living in this world is entitled to a certain list of rights and obligations to the state. It should not be taken away, limited or even hampered by anything or anybody. It should be respected […]

  • Virginia Regulations Regarding Leases, Tenants and Landlords

    In everything that we do in today‚Äôs times, we should do it according to the existing rules and regulations stated by the law. The law may not be perfect at all times, but everyone must follow the law and its rules and regulations. In Virginia, a tenant who is renting a room or a house […]

  • New Jersey Rights of Tenants and Landlords

    Getting familiar with a particular state law when it comes to rental property is essential in avoiding future troubles. Each state has its own set of rules to follow and one state may differ from another regarding rental property and eviction. If you are seeking to rent a property in New Jersey, coming from North […]

  • North Carolina Laws on Leases and the Rights of Tenants

    Knowing the terms and conditions of a comprehensive lease or rental agreement is necessary for a successful tenancy. It starts with the signing of the lease or rental agreement by both parties; the tenant and the landlord, placing them liable to its written terms and conditions as covered by law. In fact, preparing a well […]

  • Michigan Laws and Regulations for Leasing and Tenancy

    Michigan lists numerous properties offered for ownership or lease. Leasing a property is a great choice for many individuals incapable of buying their own homes. Property owners themselves can put their own sites for lease if they want. Nevertheless, it is important to take note of the legal technicalities surrounding leasing to ensure hassle-free agreement […]

  • Leasing guide for Wisconsin for landlords and tenants

    Wisconsin state has clearly defined the rules for landlords to govern how they must behave with their tenants. These rules protect the landlord from possible lawsuits that the tenant might bring against them, as well as to safeguard them from monetary losses incurred due to any unforeseen damage to the rental unit. There are several […]

  • Want to know what the landlord tenant laws in Alabama are? Find answers here

    Every state in the US has a set of laws that govern the relation between a landlord and his tenant. These laws are put in place to ensure that both the landlord and the tenant do not get cheated by the other party. The Alabama state laws for property rentals were revised in 2007 and […]

  • Want to know what the landlord tenant laws in Maryland are? Find answers here

    The state of Maryland offers comprehensive laws that govern the relation between a landlord and their tenant. These laws exist to protect both the landlord and tenant, and ensure that both parties can coexist in harmony and enjoy a mutually beneficial business relationship. These laws help the landlord get supplementary income for the property that […]

  • Minnesota regulations and laws regarding the lease relationship between landlords and tenants

    The biggest reason why every state has extensive laws regarding renting a property is because entering into a lease agreement with someone you have never known, carries all kinds of risks. These laws exist to protect not only the tenant, but also the landlord from being exploited in anyway. The act of letting someone stay […]

  • Colorado laws on lease agreements and tenanting as a landlord or a tenant

    Colorado has very clearly defined rules and regulations when it comes to the kind of relationship a landlord and their tenant must have. These laws cover everything from the type of lease that can be drawn, to the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. Landlords will find that knowing these laws can make it […]

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